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Saturday, August 13, 2011

tah daaah!

Oh.My.Goodness. How I have missed typing. but I kind of can't too well because my nails are kind of long. Luckily I haven't been called out on it at work.
So I am sort of online on a signal that does not belong to me. Whose? Eh. That is why this will be quick
I am settling in to the new apt. I may never live with anyone again. I LoVe it! I am painting very fun happy colors, and I will post pics on that another time. Getting organized is not easy. But I did figure out my craft closet, which is pretty awesome. I bought a table at Ikea that folds at the sides, but is pretty big and nice wood. That will be the scrappy table. & if I ever invite more than the 3 that can be seated at my 4 seat dining set, than I will bring that one out.
Well I have promised some LO's, and here they aaare!

Here is Lilah with her daddy! I called this daddy's little girl. I had lost some of my inspiration after 2 previous LO's and cards. I don't know why it is, that I start scrapping up a storm, and then pffft. The inspiration dies... Does that happen to you?

Taking the picture of the card was more inspiring than the creation of the card...Even if I do really like it...

Now this is where most of my creativity went. I really like this LO. I'm sorry I don't have any close ups. But I used a variety of embellies, which, I do think I am getting better at. This is my cousin with his son and father. I called it "3 reasons to be happy". I'm so cute :o)

Wow that's a lot of sunlight in the background. I have to figure out when and where it's best to take pictures here. But this little guy has made me smile all over again. (oh, der, this is from the green stack from DCWV. duh). And that is my chaise. I sat on it and made my tooshie happy. But try not to notice the unfinished pole in the background. I paint when I can. Thank you.

And thiiiis page. Sigh. To love or not to love. Sometimes I do cus it's so colorful and fun. Other times I don't like it cus it's just...well it kind of... it sort of like... you know? Maybe it's the design that has me confuzzled... You decide...

But this card leaves no doubt in my mind that I love it! I cut out some hearts from the paper and made them into a flower. Even the leaves are the green hearts. This card makes me smile =0) (except I have eyebrows. And my nose isn't a third of my face.)

Well there you go. I'm wondering why I'm a little bland today. I think it maybe because I worked last night and I'm pooped. Not to mention the fact that I had a horrid night that made my feet hurt so bad I can barely walk. Yup.

I would like to share another hobby that occupies my craft closet:
I made this diaper bag for a coworker friend who just had a baby boy. The bag took me forever and half a day. Then of course there was left over yarn, which turned out to not be enough that I had to get more of in order to finish that blanket. Where scrapbooking amps me up, crocheting mellows me out. It's so nice to make things that can actually be used.

I hope I haven't bored you to death. Cus I'm feeling a bit sleepy myself. 

Well I think it is best I be off to bed before I lose any followers.
You guys are the greatest.
expect maybe PDRNC. because shes never at work. >=/ yea. that's my mean face. the eyebrows just grew in.

Night Night