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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

::peeking around the corner::

Is it safe for me to emerge in shame? I have to admit that I have been sick. Still no clues why. But the recovery has been a bit tough. I have been so tired and doing anything was way out of my reach. Walking two blocks up hill would take me almost 15 minutes, where now I can walk it in 5 (they are 2 very steep blocks). Unfortunately, I did fall into the lazy category. But that is officially over.

So... What's up?! How is everything with you? How is the new year treating you? Did you forget your New Year's Resolution? I made mine. I don't have high cholesterol, but the good and bad are a bit backwards, the bad is high, the good is low. So I cut out the processed foods and red meats. Oh how I miss my steak... Now eating food that isn't cooked at home hurts my belly. But I'm hoping my next blood work will prove my hardships. How was Valentines' Day? Anybody expecting a baby? No? Eh, maybe next time.

But I haven't given up on scrapping. I am working really hard on my cards. I have come to realize that I get obsessed with things. Like swirlies. I used them everywhere. Then rolled flowers. Now, it's banner-like papers. Here are some samples:

See that corner?! This is where it began...
this is the close up. duh. (that was meant for me, not you)

This is what proceeded. I had a hard time trying to stand this bad boy up. but do you see how banners threw up all over this card?
This was my sad attempt at steering away from the banners.

Yup. Fail. Because this little guy was born. I adore this tag. I just cut some cardboard and used a dry brush to swipe some white paint across. A banner and 2 cute butterflies. Tada! 

I have more cards. But they are being kept aside so I don't abandon this blog. But be warned, the banners spilled on to those too.

Thanks for not abandoning me...

Monday, November 28, 2011


Hey everyone. I just wanted to stop by and update you about me. So it turns out that I have been sick for almost 2 weeks. I'm not sure why. But my body aches and keep getting a fever. I did scrap some stuff, so I should be posting in a few days. I just want to have enough to post, not just one thing.
Alright well I need to get to bed. I work tonight and need some rest from the way I feel.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Am I for reals? Did I seriously let a month pass without blogging?! What is up with that?! I don't even know where the weeks went! It seems like just the other day that I had my table opened with a bunch of things crowding the top. Wow. Crazy. 

Let's see. What had me so preoccupied that I didn't scrap? I don't even know. But I've been so tired from work. It gets so crazy busy that sometimes I just don't have the energy to do much once I get home. I web surf, but I don't do anything. I haven't even baked a cake! Or anything. Four weekends ago I had company. Three weekends ago I headed to Connecticut to see my bestie. With, I add, a messed up calf. Two weekends ago I was sick. Last weekend is a bit of a blur. I'm pretty sure I did nothing. lol. So this weekend I was supposed to do a few things, but they did not pan out like I wanted.

So, speaking of busy. I was busy yesterday and part of today cutting and pasting away. It was very fun. The cards are coming along nicely. I'm pretty surprised at myself. I'm not going to lie, I did have to make some sketches for a bit of inspiration, but other than that, they are my own! On to the cards!

This was my first card. I'm just going to post them all in progression:
me trying to put patterns together


the butterfly is fussy cut


you should see how 3D this is!

sorry, it's kind of bright in here

I'm surprised at how much I like this one.

this card is actually kind of small

this is my "eh" card.

I thought this one was pretty cool.

this one is my absolute favorite!

this one sort of follows
the yellow is fun don't you think?

I thought this post was going to be a bit longer, especially since I like to chit chat so much about my pieces. But I won't. Hopefully my pieces speak for themselves. But, if you really do hear them speak to you, please seek help. (this is not medical advice!)

O.k. well. I would like to continue my scrapping. Oh, I would like to say that I have not cut up any virgin paper. I am so proud of myself!

Have a wonderful Sunday and rest of the week! oh, yea Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surprise Surprise

Here I am again! Are you surprised? I am!
I'm very excited because I don't have class tomorrow. Or next Tuesday. ahhh. I did a bit of more scrapping. It was so nice to sit there and scrap. Wait, did I scrap with the last LO? Hm. I don't remember. Oh well. But here it is!

This is my family. In order from the left, my eldest uncle Jose, my aunt Martha and my daddy! The only one that is missing is my uncle Manuel. Back track to family history. My grandmother was married to my grandfather and had 4 kids. My grandfather passed away when my dad was 2. So being the worried mother she was, she went ahead looking for a father for her children. Unfortunately my grandma didn't have any luck in love. But she did have 11 kids! (According to my maternal grandfather, people had a lot of children back then because there was no t.v. ha ha) So here they are at their younger brothers' wedding, an uncle of a different last name. So that is the story.
About the LO. These are some papers I think from Cosmo Cricket. Details: I wasn't sure what I was doing with embellishments. The buttons were originally just 5 buttons on the edge by the pictures on the left. Somehow buttons just started adding themselves to my page and floating around. Then I rememberd I had two flowers that mathced. Theeen I just haaad to cut a butterfly to mix in. It made me so happy. I then had more paper with clouds around and said "hey, give me everything tonight, give me everything tonight..." wait. No. It said "put me in the corner! But not like baby. Baby didn't like being in the corner." Just in case paper starts talking to you, seek help. I didn't. I'm used to it. And that is how this page was born. :cheesy smile:

close-up! so pretty. I wanna be a button...

And because I still have not forgotten (I wonder when I will. but my memory is pretty friggin awesome...)
I loOoOove this card! I don't know what made me make such an awesome card, but there it is! I cut out a cloud and made it 3D and stuck the butterfly on top. I can't say much more. Except I wish I always had this kind of inspiration when making cards. The next card I made did not work. That is why I will not show it to you.

close-up! I really have to work on my picture taking skills. argh

Well that is it. I hope you liked it.
Now for an announcement. I will no longer be making scrap pages...


That's kind of a lie. Well let me explain. I have a huge box of scraps. And I am so sick of them. I want to get rid of them. Or try to. Ever since I reorganized paper in individual, plastic 12x12, organizing folders, I decided to leave the scraps in there. That way I don't have a huge box full of scraps, which is where this predicament has left me. So I will be dedicating myself to cards. I say it likes I won't be making LO's, cus I will. But I want to try to make cards and hopefully get better at them. Please don't leave me!

O.k. I think that is all. Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't know if you can actually comment. I don't know what is wrong with this thing. I've been trying to fix it, in case it's a mistake on my part. But if not, I will have to contact blogspot and ask "what up wid my comment section Bspot?"(wow. dirty) Tis all. Deuces Bspotters!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 times it drops...

Don't ask. I'm watching Indiana Jones and I couldn't figure out what to call this post. So I heard "3 times it drops" and figured, "eh, why not". That is how this post was titled.  o.O

Today I pulled out my scrap table. Phew is it heavy! I need to get some casters for it, so I can easily roll it out and not make up excuses why I shouldn't scrap. Not that there are many excuses. "I'm sleepy" is as far as it will go. Even that sometimes doesn't work. But as I was saying, I pulled out my table and scrapped. (on a side note [ding] I missed a "p" and almost spelled it "scraped". I quickly corrected myself before someone else did and posted it here. that someone else being a very critical human being. and my friend)( o.k. she's not really critical, she's just veeeery sarcastic). After I finished scrapping, I organized my closet. I am very happy with it, because that means I can easily take things out without causing a grand old mess. But, since this is a blog about scrapping, I would like to now share my page. On to the Layout!

 I have decided to post this larger than normal for the simple reason that I did not take any close up shots. There aren't many close-ups to be taken but I felt I had to tell you.
Now let me explain my nostalgia. Almost a month has passed since I lost my car due to my speeding and crashing. I'm very much o.k. but my car was more expensive to fix than to just try and buy a new one. It makes me sad since I adored my lil car. . .
So as I was taking things out of my closet and thinking of what I should scrap, I found these papers. My temporary license, my last permit, my first insurance car and registration. I'm such a sap that I kept this. I knew one day I would want to scrap it and here it is. Do you have any old papers or little keepsakes that you kept in order to one day scrap?

& because I still have not forgotten:
A card! (by the way, isn't my purple wall so darn pretty?!) I made this card very simple. I didn't even give it a title. Like my LO upstairs. I haven't taken out my cricut. Since I hadn't organized that shelf yet. Next time I will. Oh. This is the "Offbeat" pack from Basic Grey.

Do you want to see my table? Yea you do...

Isn't she lovely? See those drawers? On the side where I'll be sitting I have my glue's on the bottom, my pens and markers in the middle and my scissors on the top. <3

Hm. I think I am done for today. Tomorrow I feel like being lazy again so most likely I'll take my table out again. Thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm WorldWideWebbed!

FINALLY! I am online and ready to blog! It makes me so happy to know that I can finally be more available to you guys! (and to my scrap table).
I should be doing a lab for biology. But I am in no mood. All protists and fungi. Not much fun for me right now. Especially since I can now watch cable and be online. Aaand use my house phone. I feel like such a grown-up. So does my wallet. lol

Well, I don't want to be a bore. I will show you the reason for you being here. On to the Layout!

So this is paper from Color Bok. I bought it at Walmart when I was in Connecticut. This is another paper to fit the picture situation. I hadn't found the right combo and here it was! I used to jeans and the rosy cheeks as my color pallette. We all have to find inspiration somewhere :o) . I did some fussy cutting with the flowers, and I love that flower in the top left corner. It made me smile when I saw it (and got the wheels-a-turnin' in my head). I made a little rolled flower and stamped some flourishes. Plus, I got ink pad happy.

I've been doing well keeping my promise on making a card with every layout. I love this card. It just came together soo well. I distressed the edges and thought, "hey, maybe I won't be so color coordinated, let me throw in the blue. Wait, I have this awesome flower I can cut out. OoOo I have this $1 stamp from Michael's that is the perfect bold font." And there you go. I had a card. Little by little it's getting a bit easier. I'm just hoping to not end up with the same style on every card. Cus that would make me sad. And feel a bit useless. And unscrapful. Call Merriam Webster, I have a new word!

I would now like to show you my craft closet. It was a bit neater when I first did it. But then I found more things that needed to go in there, and well... stuff piled up. I need another shelf. Which I wonder why it wasn't already there since the slot is there. All the other shelves were. So did the last tenant walk out with just one shelf? hm.

hello mess. Say "hi" to your followers. I bought some crates to put my paper in. I had to organize.

there are my crates! and some glimmer mists. the bag holds my ribbons.

that is a table. I adore this table. I could have gotten a cheaper table, but it folds down on both sides and has drawers on each side. Its a sturdy table. But the best part is, I put it together (drawers and all) allll by myself :gleam:

Well that is a bit of my world. I thank you so much for being a part of it. See you soon!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

tah daaah!

Oh.My.Goodness. How I have missed typing. but I kind of can't too well because my nails are kind of long. Luckily I haven't been called out on it at work.
So I am sort of online on a signal that does not belong to me. Whose? Eh. That is why this will be quick
I am settling in to the new apt. I may never live with anyone again. I LoVe it! I am painting very fun happy colors, and I will post pics on that another time. Getting organized is not easy. But I did figure out my craft closet, which is pretty awesome. I bought a table at Ikea that folds at the sides, but is pretty big and nice wood. That will be the scrappy table. & if I ever invite more than the 3 that can be seated at my 4 seat dining set, than I will bring that one out.
Well I have promised some LO's, and here they aaare!

Here is Lilah with her daddy! I called this daddy's little girl. I had lost some of my inspiration after 2 previous LO's and cards. I don't know why it is, that I start scrapping up a storm, and then pffft. The inspiration dies... Does that happen to you?

Taking the picture of the card was more inspiring than the creation of the card...Even if I do really like it...

Now this is where most of my creativity went. I really like this LO. I'm sorry I don't have any close ups. But I used a variety of embellies, which, I do think I am getting better at. This is my cousin with his son and father. I called it "3 reasons to be happy". I'm so cute :o)

Wow that's a lot of sunlight in the background. I have to figure out when and where it's best to take pictures here. But this little guy has made me smile all over again. (oh, der, this is from the green stack from DCWV. duh). And that is my chaise. I sat on it and made my tooshie happy. But try not to notice the unfinished pole in the background. I paint when I can. Thank you.

And thiiiis page. Sigh. To love or not to love. Sometimes I do cus it's so colorful and fun. Other times I don't like it cus it's just...well it kind of... it sort of like... you know? Maybe it's the design that has me confuzzled... You decide...

But this card leaves no doubt in my mind that I love it! I cut out some hearts from the paper and made them into a flower. Even the leaves are the green hearts. This card makes me smile =0) (except I have eyebrows. And my nose isn't a third of my face.)

Well there you go. I'm wondering why I'm a little bland today. I think it maybe because I worked last night and I'm pooped. Not to mention the fact that I had a horrid night that made my feet hurt so bad I can barely walk. Yup.

I would like to share another hobby that occupies my craft closet:
I made this diaper bag for a coworker friend who just had a baby boy. The bag took me forever and half a day. Then of course there was left over yarn, which turned out to not be enough that I had to get more of in order to finish that blanket. Where scrapbooking amps me up, crocheting mellows me out. It's so nice to make things that can actually be used.

I hope I haven't bored you to death. Cus I'm feeling a bit sleepy myself. 

Well I think it is best I be off to bed before I lose any followers.
You guys are the greatest.
expect maybe PDRNC. because shes never at work. >=/ yea. that's my mean face. the eyebrows just grew in.

Night Night