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Sunday, November 21, 2010

24 Hours later

& I'm back! yay! I made it home, finally, after a long day at work. My feet hurt. I wish I could write off my shoes on my taxes, cus I have never gone through so many pairs in my life! & to think I am trying to stay in the profession :sigh:...

Oh, you definately have to try this milk. It's the weirdest thing, and I had to bring it home because, well, it's Red Velvet Milk. Funky huh? I bought it @ Target, and I think it's one of their brands. It's sorta chocolatey, like red velvet, and I can definately feel the cream cheese icing undertones. Just try it... O.k., enough yammering, on to the LO's!

This is my cousins wife and his daughter. You will be seeing a lot of them. I love these ladies, they are so sweet! this page is called I adore you, and it's my attempt at a mish mosh of patterned papers; something I have been trying to perfect. I see all these patterned papers, matching or not, and they just work. Thank goodness I got a stack of papers from an unmentionable source :cough, cough:...

One of the cutest things I've been seeing on LO's, is the 3D effect. Do you see the flower? It's just a cut out of the same paper, lined up to make it look like it's pushing it's way off the page. I inked the edges just to help it stand out a bit. Some leaves didn't hurt either. The title work is my faaavorite part of this LO. (btw, it says "I adore you"). I had ordered these wires, that are about a yard each from Oriental Trading, the crafts section. They are so cool!. They come in a lot of different colors and are easy to work with. I shaped them up to match my handwriting, and they sorta do. They twist easily, and if you see them, I think you should get some.

Look at those cheeks! Aw! Well this close up is actually of the flower. It's a rolled rose and some leaves. I also cut out that blue paper with the Fiskars paper shapers, and used the leftover edge to create another scalloped layer.

This LO is called "I was bitten by the Lilah bug!". Lilah is my friends daughter; we had met for the first time when this picture was taken. Lilah bug is their idea of Ladybug... I never meant to be friends with these people... I kid! I love them!

The idea for the background came from me not wanting to distract too much of the background with crazy patterns. I do love negative space, too much at times. But like I mentioned earlier, I don't know how to make all those papers work, atleast not for my style. Well the patterned paper was mimicking loose leaf, lined paper. So I just tore up some pieces and used it to cut some of the white from the back cardstock.

ah, no surprise in me doing my own title work. I thought this was why I bought a cricut! But the cricut won't color in these wonderful ladybug spots! Maybe the new one, but I definately don't have that kind of money to drop...

This is just a close up of the glitteriness of my LO's. I used some glue and some diamond dust glitter. No, wait, I used the Doodlebug Glitter... I forgot what it was called. Oh, cute, doodlebug on the ladybug. I'm too cute. lol

Well, I hope that was entertaining for you all (maybe not those 2 last lines up there...) I'll keep you updated on anything else I create.


Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have become the blogger I can't stand... the non bloggin' blogger! How has it been a month since I blogged?! Goodness, I am a shame to this site! & to my 3 followers! Gasp! What must you think of me?! PDRNC, I can only imagine. lol.

Not that you really need excuses, but until about 2 weeks ago, I wasn't even able to go online. I usually blog at night, and I was unable to reset the WiFi thing. & I've been so tiiiiired. Work has me pooped. School is driving me crazy. Did you know it gets harder as the semester nears its end?! But on the plus side, I will be able to take the nursing school entrance exam in March. Ugh, more studying...

On to the Layouts!

This is my favorite! I will be mentioning scrapbook.com a lot. Mostly because I do the most LO's with the challenges. & again I have the no patterned paper challenge. I took a 9x9 plain cardstock (an icky scrap) and made a collage of ripped papers. No particular order, just ripped and glued down. I did do one color at a time, to ensure I used all my colors and wasn't putting them all in the same places. I used a range of yellows and oranges, pink and green.

Do you see the edges of the white core cardstock? That's my DCWV. Love them! I cut out a few butterflies just to give some more shapes to the LO.

Oh, and this LO is called "a Rose, to mark an Honoree". I was given an award earlier this year, a distinction award at work. So they gave us roses, and I was feeling all artsy when I got home...

This LO is called "so happy". (I think I was supposed to capitalize... oh well). So this is my aunt and her granddaughter, so cute! The paper is DCWV, a wonderful present from a wonderful someone...(update! so the blue paper with the squiggles isn't DCWV. It's from American Crafts. I bow my head in shame...thanks a lot PDRNC!)

I had such a time cutting out those darned owls... they were on a regular patterned paper... I almost gave up, but the colors just went so well with the picture... Perseverance...you suck. lol

This is just a close up of the flower I cut out. I made some polka dots to make the petals match...

This post has turned into a DCWV post. Because this paper is from the Street Lace stack. I love it. It's so shiny and pretty, and sleak, and elegant, and did I say shiny? Yea... well there you go. The background flower is from another patterned paper I cut. buggers. The hearts are hand cut. Oh, and the border? All nice and scalloped, well I had to cut that too. The edges aren't pretty everywhere, that is why we won't have any close ups. sorry.

This will be the last of the DCWV. What stack? I think the sweet something or other. Sorry, I'm tired. I cut out the lollipops and did some stitching to make them look like flowers. Another cut out is the banner... I really have to start investing in embellishments. lol

Well, I that's it for now. I don't want to find out half way that there is a maximum on words for a post. That would really grind my gears...