I am Me


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

::peeking around the corner::

Is it safe for me to emerge in shame? I have to admit that I have been sick. Still no clues why. But the recovery has been a bit tough. I have been so tired and doing anything was way out of my reach. Walking two blocks up hill would take me almost 15 minutes, where now I can walk it in 5 (they are 2 very steep blocks). Unfortunately, I did fall into the lazy category. But that is officially over.

So... What's up?! How is everything with you? How is the new year treating you? Did you forget your New Year's Resolution? I made mine. I don't have high cholesterol, but the good and bad are a bit backwards, the bad is high, the good is low. So I cut out the processed foods and red meats. Oh how I miss my steak... Now eating food that isn't cooked at home hurts my belly. But I'm hoping my next blood work will prove my hardships. How was Valentines' Day? Anybody expecting a baby? No? Eh, maybe next time.

But I haven't given up on scrapping. I am working really hard on my cards. I have come to realize that I get obsessed with things. Like swirlies. I used them everywhere. Then rolled flowers. Now, it's banner-like papers. Here are some samples:

See that corner?! This is where it began...
this is the close up. duh. (that was meant for me, not you)

This is what proceeded. I had a hard time trying to stand this bad boy up. but do you see how banners threw up all over this card?
This was my sad attempt at steering away from the banners.

Yup. Fail. Because this little guy was born. I adore this tag. I just cut some cardboard and used a dry brush to swipe some white paint across. A banner and 2 cute butterflies. Tada! 

I have more cards. But they are being kept aside so I don't abandon this blog. But be warned, the banners spilled on to those too.

Thanks for not abandoning me...