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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


That's me crying. Crying because there is no WiFi and the only way I can log in is when no one is home upstairs or I am in Calculus (don't friend my professor-wherever she may be). Aw, I hear the wails of lamentation and despair (or that could just be my rumbling belly - it's almost dinner time).

Hm. This is interesting. It seems that when I don't have a layout, I don't have much to say.


Well, that was just me telling you this will be a boring month.

Or maybe not.

Maybe I will have something for you to look forward to. ::hint, hint::

It requires some paper cutting on my part. & some patience on yours (mine too).

La di da.

<- Bean

Saturday, February 5, 2011

and she's on a roll!

buttered, please.
(sorry, I couldn't help the corny opportunity)

But I am back! yay! Are you proud of me Lisa?
So rather than do my lab homework, or my calculus homework, I felt the need to scrap. & scrap I did! On to the LO's!
(wait, before we get to the LO's, since it is a blog, I feel the need to vent. So today I had chemistry lab and this prof. mandates two things: 1. the lab manual. He will NOT accept photocopied labs. Boo. But fine. 2. Chemical splash proof goggles, which, if you have ever taken a chem lab, is a duh. Now, maybe it's because I've had lab before, but I knew this and I won't argue with it. But holy crapsicle sticks was there complaining and excuses and annoyances! There were more than 5 people without the goggles and the lab manual. You would not believe the amount of complaining and the size of the excuses; "I don't know whyyy i can't just copy them, waste of my money; I didn't get my financial aid check (but the iPhone made it to her house safetly); I'm wearing glasses;" yack yack yack! I think that college is lacking a level of maturity. But that is all I'm going to say about that. . . for now.) Now, on to the LO's!

This LO is called Happy Food Face, well, because it's the happy face my friend makes for food. Everything here is cosmo cricket. (This design is my interpretation of a sketch for the scrapbook.com cosmo cricket challenge) (yes, that was my disclaimer)

Isn't that little bugger cute? I cut it out from the paper or it would have ended up in the trash!

Here is another close-up. I am proud of my stacking embellies skills. I am working on them. The circles represent what were supposed to be buttons. But I wasn't sure if CC carries their own line of buttons and the LO is supposed to be 90% CC so I improvised.
(oh, and thanks to Delaina Burns, who made me realize that scalloped borders did not have to be of equal length or distance) (hopefully she has inspired you too).

 & just one last little butterfly to show you... Do you see the orange cardstock? That's the white cored DCWV, I think it's from the Brights stack... or maybe the Christmas stack... :sigh: I just use a nail file, starting from the edge to the middle in a circular motion.

This next bad boy isn't so bad. It's called "Sometimes, you can find Love in the strangest places".
Can you see the heart on the bottle? Well, one of the nurses in the ICU freaked out (happily) when she saw the heart. I think it was because of the way the light reflected in the room and through the bottle. It was just so nice to see it there, in a pt's room...

(there you go...)

Paint splatters and a doodled dragonfly... for the paint splatters, use a medium dry brush dipped in paint. Use your fingers to fan out the brush, which will make the paint fly off the brush (when I say splatter, I mean, almost everywhere. Dont load the brush!). Or you could use a toothbrush and scrape across the top; it will produce the same effect.

Here I doodled the title, the cloud and the little hearts. yay! Oh, duh, this was done for another challenge on scrapbook.com, caaaalled, take a guuuuess... the doodle challenge! I like doodling. It's very helpful when you don't have anything to match what you have... Or don't have anything to match your picture... at all...

Pretty heart and cloud! Also doodled by moi. (that's freeench, for "me") (I'm gonna learn how to speak russian) (random, i know...)

ick. This picture isn't lookin' so hot. Someone out there needs to teach me to take pics of my LO's. I might have to start scrappin in the day... O.k. So I am a hoarder. Not really but sorta. I see things and say "hey, I can use this on a LO..." (I usually don't answer myself). So I had this really sturdy clear plastic sheet that came in handy for this LO. I made a little flourish to bring your attention to the heart. I didn't crop the bottle because I wanted to convey where the "love" was. I hope it worked.

and I just felt like throwing in this card... The flower was from a flower swap. I thought it might be too big, but lo and behold, a wonderful fit...

How do you scrappers get inspired for a card? I can't get it. Some cards look soOooOoo nice, and I can't do it! I don't know if it's because I have yet to break my own idea of what a scrappy card should be... I think that's the trouble most new scrappers have. We all get stuck in the idea of what a card or LO should look like, that we can't just scrap our own style. I discovered that to be true in painting. I always wanted to do these elaborate, detailed gorgeous paintings, that I couldn't and would just frustrate myself and quit. But I recently said "eFF that" and just went with it. I ended up with some stuff I'm proud of. One of these days I'll post them. But I just wanted to get that out there...Scrap what you think is an awesome page!

O.k. I'm tired. Too much typing. Too many feelings. LOL
You guys are wonderful
thanks for reading.

<3 Bean
(this post has been [or will be] proofread by Lisa)
(you have been warned)

Friday, February 4, 2011


14 followers?! Holy shmolies! & here I am making all of you wait and wait and wait for my next post. I am a horrid blogger. Ugh. Even though they are excuses, I will tell you where I was.
Btwn January 4th and 18th I was here:
O.k. not the whole time on the plane, but it did take me to Cali, Colombia. It was a wonderful trip that left me with 648 pictures to be picked and prodded in order to figure out which ones will be printed. I will take suggestions on how to get them all printed on one big one. =)

What about after? Well I was in the midsts of packing for a new apartment that was not to be.
& I just went through my first week of Spring semester. I will be here crying once in a while hoping that one of you lovely ladies is proficient in Calculus. Or that you at least know someone who is. Or can direct me in some way to somewhere that can help me.

So now, I do have some pages, although 2 are unfinished. I can't figure out what kind of lettering or titles or what the effers they are missing. On to the LO's!

Right, cus this is just what I need to perk me up. Sorry. I do have a close-up that survived
At least the pretty butterflies made it...

I am under the impression that it is because of all the dots on the paper that it won't let the camera focus well and take a good picture. You try staring at a paper full of spots and see if you can focus. Dizzy yet? So is my camera =) O.k. so I though I'd be artsy adding the rolled collar to the page. I used some flowers cut from the matching paper (name that stack! quick guess, it's from DCWV...no, really, name that stack cus I can't remember...) Those white splotches were a happy mistake. I went to make a nice misty spray but the stupid nozzle (my fault, I didn't clean it) just made the paint splatter. Luckily it looked nice. (you ask about my paint in a bottle? Weeell. I just take some paint, squirt it in, add some water until it's thin enough to be sprayed through an old spray bottle. ). OoOo and I also used my novice skills with the sewing machine to create a border. Could it beeee any more crooked? Name that Friend!

Geez, what it is with me and these DCWV stacks?! I need to expand my collection... This picture is from a birthday outting for the gentleman in the picture. He's awesome, and well, he mainly works around women.

Ah me and all the paper cutting. I might also need to buy some embellishments. lol I added a pop of pink (fuschia for manly purposes) to compliment his shirt. The pink flower has a pink rhinestone brad. The little flower has a white with silver backing bling.

Well...that's it. I am ashamed of myself and will now sit and scrap. I leave you with these:

(these were the awesomest burgers EVER)
(of all time)

<3 Bean