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Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have become the blogger I can't stand... the non bloggin' blogger! How has it been a month since I blogged?! Goodness, I am a shame to this site! & to my 3 followers! Gasp! What must you think of me?! PDRNC, I can only imagine. lol.

Not that you really need excuses, but until about 2 weeks ago, I wasn't even able to go online. I usually blog at night, and I was unable to reset the WiFi thing. & I've been so tiiiiired. Work has me pooped. School is driving me crazy. Did you know it gets harder as the semester nears its end?! But on the plus side, I will be able to take the nursing school entrance exam in March. Ugh, more studying...

On to the Layouts!

This is my favorite! I will be mentioning scrapbook.com a lot. Mostly because I do the most LO's with the challenges. & again I have the no patterned paper challenge. I took a 9x9 plain cardstock (an icky scrap) and made a collage of ripped papers. No particular order, just ripped and glued down. I did do one color at a time, to ensure I used all my colors and wasn't putting them all in the same places. I used a range of yellows and oranges, pink and green.

Do you see the edges of the white core cardstock? That's my DCWV. Love them! I cut out a few butterflies just to give some more shapes to the LO.

Oh, and this LO is called "a Rose, to mark an Honoree". I was given an award earlier this year, a distinction award at work. So they gave us roses, and I was feeling all artsy when I got home...

This LO is called "so happy". (I think I was supposed to capitalize... oh well). So this is my aunt and her granddaughter, so cute! The paper is DCWV, a wonderful present from a wonderful someone...(update! so the blue paper with the squiggles isn't DCWV. It's from American Crafts. I bow my head in shame...thanks a lot PDRNC!)

I had such a time cutting out those darned owls... they were on a regular patterned paper... I almost gave up, but the colors just went so well with the picture... Perseverance...you suck. lol

This is just a close up of the flower I cut out. I made some polka dots to make the petals match...

This post has turned into a DCWV post. Because this paper is from the Street Lace stack. I love it. It's so shiny and pretty, and sleak, and elegant, and did I say shiny? Yea... well there you go. The background flower is from another patterned paper I cut. buggers. The hearts are hand cut. Oh, and the border? All nice and scalloped, well I had to cut that too. The edges aren't pretty everywhere, that is why we won't have any close ups. sorry.

This will be the last of the DCWV. What stack? I think the sweet something or other. Sorry, I'm tired. I cut out the lollipops and did some stitching to make them look like flowers. Another cut out is the banner... I really have to start investing in embellishments. lol

Well, I that's it for now. I don't want to find out half way that there is a maximum on words for a post. That would really grind my gears...


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  1. Adorable LOs. BTW...the blue paper with the white lines is American Crafts Backyard collection. I'm glad to see you finally got back on with the bloggin'. CU at work.