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Sunday, April 24, 2011

On My Knees...

Begging please...
I have been so MIA that I have lost a follower (or so I was told since I haven't met any of the lovely new faces that are following). To all of those who have stuck around I thank you. You can't understand how much you mean to me.

I have to tell you that I have barely been online. See I get to go online at school, occassionally when my Calculus teacher isn't really paying attention... But I've snuck upstairs to the computer with internet for a few moments to tell you I'm here. You can't understand how much I've missed blogging, let alone scrapping. I finally made a LO the other day. Since I'll be missing school due to a new job position and training, I'll sneak in to upload those.

Again, I thank you for being patient with me. & I most definately have not forgotten abou the giveaway, that is sitting in its envelope so patiently...


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  1. YAY for a new blog post!! Good luck with the new position!