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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Wow, it's like getting a call from the great beyond, you just can't believe it!
Well I am in school right now, thankfully not taking classes. But I came up here to take care of a few things. I didn't know I was going to have to use the computer, so I did not bring my USB... Argh. So out of touch with a keyboard that my usual 55 words per minute have been greatly diminished. I have to double check my spelling errors or someONE ::ahem:: will be on me like white on rice.

But I just wanted to update you on me. I have barely scrapped and it hurts. I did a few pages like a month ago, and that is it. I have them ready to be shown. But alas, I suck.

On the plus side. drum roll please...

I'm moving! Finally! This one is not a scam. I am actually moving this saturday. I called the super who will give me my keys saturday and I will be in! It's so sad though, as I pack, I have more boxes of scrappy, crafty goodness than I do of things I actually need. Not that I don't neeeed scrapbooking, but I need clothes and soap. ( I do have soap, I'm just saying I have more paper than I do soap... Meaning I have to buy soap...oh I hope you get it...) So I have like 6 medium sized boxes of scrap stuff, not including my albums and paper. . .speaking of paper... it's HEAVY. Try picking up all your stacks and collections at once. You can't. Luckily I have someone helping me move, and not someone who will charge me by the pound...

Well as soon as I get installed I will work on getting internet. That way I can tell you all about it! And of course get to showing you scrappy goodness!

I miss you guys!

p.s. Welcome new followers! Sorry I haven't been able to show you any new good stuff. But please don't drop me! I'll get better, I promise! (and thank you for those who haven't left me and have shown great patience. You are AwEsOmE!

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