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Friday, February 4, 2011


14 followers?! Holy shmolies! & here I am making all of you wait and wait and wait for my next post. I am a horrid blogger. Ugh. Even though they are excuses, I will tell you where I was.
Btwn January 4th and 18th I was here:
O.k. not the whole time on the plane, but it did take me to Cali, Colombia. It was a wonderful trip that left me with 648 pictures to be picked and prodded in order to figure out which ones will be printed. I will take suggestions on how to get them all printed on one big one. =)

What about after? Well I was in the midsts of packing for a new apartment that was not to be.
& I just went through my first week of Spring semester. I will be here crying once in a while hoping that one of you lovely ladies is proficient in Calculus. Or that you at least know someone who is. Or can direct me in some way to somewhere that can help me.

So now, I do have some pages, although 2 are unfinished. I can't figure out what kind of lettering or titles or what the effers they are missing. On to the LO's!

Right, cus this is just what I need to perk me up. Sorry. I do have a close-up that survived
At least the pretty butterflies made it...

I am under the impression that it is because of all the dots on the paper that it won't let the camera focus well and take a good picture. You try staring at a paper full of spots and see if you can focus. Dizzy yet? So is my camera =) O.k. so I though I'd be artsy adding the rolled collar to the page. I used some flowers cut from the matching paper (name that stack! quick guess, it's from DCWV...no, really, name that stack cus I can't remember...) Those white splotches were a happy mistake. I went to make a nice misty spray but the stupid nozzle (my fault, I didn't clean it) just made the paint splatter. Luckily it looked nice. (you ask about my paint in a bottle? Weeell. I just take some paint, squirt it in, add some water until it's thin enough to be sprayed through an old spray bottle. ). OoOo and I also used my novice skills with the sewing machine to create a border. Could it beeee any more crooked? Name that Friend!

Geez, what it is with me and these DCWV stacks?! I need to expand my collection... This picture is from a birthday outting for the gentleman in the picture. He's awesome, and well, he mainly works around women.

Ah me and all the paper cutting. I might also need to buy some embellishments. lol I added a pop of pink (fuschia for manly purposes) to compliment his shirt. The pink flower has a pink rhinestone brad. The little flower has a white with silver backing bling.

Well...that's it. I am ashamed of myself and will now sit and scrap. I leave you with these:

(these were the awesomest burgers EVER)
(of all time)

<3 Bean


  1. Finally!! A new post. Love the LOs. See you at work!!

  2. thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. your layouts are very nice. love the flowers you made. tfs.

  3. I am strangely hungry after seeing the burger picture...:)