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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm WorldWideWebbed!

FINALLY! I am online and ready to blog! It makes me so happy to know that I can finally be more available to you guys! (and to my scrap table).
I should be doing a lab for biology. But I am in no mood. All protists and fungi. Not much fun for me right now. Especially since I can now watch cable and be online. Aaand use my house phone. I feel like such a grown-up. So does my wallet. lol

Well, I don't want to be a bore. I will show you the reason for you being here. On to the Layout!

So this is paper from Color Bok. I bought it at Walmart when I was in Connecticut. This is another paper to fit the picture situation. I hadn't found the right combo and here it was! I used to jeans and the rosy cheeks as my color pallette. We all have to find inspiration somewhere :o) . I did some fussy cutting with the flowers, and I love that flower in the top left corner. It made me smile when I saw it (and got the wheels-a-turnin' in my head). I made a little rolled flower and stamped some flourishes. Plus, I got ink pad happy.

I've been doing well keeping my promise on making a card with every layout. I love this card. It just came together soo well. I distressed the edges and thought, "hey, maybe I won't be so color coordinated, let me throw in the blue. Wait, I have this awesome flower I can cut out. OoOo I have this $1 stamp from Michael's that is the perfect bold font." And there you go. I had a card. Little by little it's getting a bit easier. I'm just hoping to not end up with the same style on every card. Cus that would make me sad. And feel a bit useless. And unscrapful. Call Merriam Webster, I have a new word!

I would now like to show you my craft closet. It was a bit neater when I first did it. But then I found more things that needed to go in there, and well... stuff piled up. I need another shelf. Which I wonder why it wasn't already there since the slot is there. All the other shelves were. So did the last tenant walk out with just one shelf? hm.

hello mess. Say "hi" to your followers. I bought some crates to put my paper in. I had to organize.

there are my crates! and some glimmer mists. the bag holds my ribbons.

that is a table. I adore this table. I could have gotten a cheaper table, but it folds down on both sides and has drawers on each side. Its a sturdy table. But the best part is, I put it together (drawers and all) allll by myself :gleam:

Well that is a bit of my world. I thank you so much for being a part of it. See you soon!

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