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Sunday, September 25, 2011

3 times it drops...

Don't ask. I'm watching Indiana Jones and I couldn't figure out what to call this post. So I heard "3 times it drops" and figured, "eh, why not". That is how this post was titled.  o.O

Today I pulled out my scrap table. Phew is it heavy! I need to get some casters for it, so I can easily roll it out and not make up excuses why I shouldn't scrap. Not that there are many excuses. "I'm sleepy" is as far as it will go. Even that sometimes doesn't work. But as I was saying, I pulled out my table and scrapped. (on a side note [ding] I missed a "p" and almost spelled it "scraped". I quickly corrected myself before someone else did and posted it here. that someone else being a very critical human being. and my friend)( o.k. she's not really critical, she's just veeeery sarcastic). After I finished scrapping, I organized my closet. I am very happy with it, because that means I can easily take things out without causing a grand old mess. But, since this is a blog about scrapping, I would like to now share my page. On to the Layout!

 I have decided to post this larger than normal for the simple reason that I did not take any close up shots. There aren't many close-ups to be taken but I felt I had to tell you.
Now let me explain my nostalgia. Almost a month has passed since I lost my car due to my speeding and crashing. I'm very much o.k. but my car was more expensive to fix than to just try and buy a new one. It makes me sad since I adored my lil car. . .
So as I was taking things out of my closet and thinking of what I should scrap, I found these papers. My temporary license, my last permit, my first insurance car and registration. I'm such a sap that I kept this. I knew one day I would want to scrap it and here it is. Do you have any old papers or little keepsakes that you kept in order to one day scrap?

& because I still have not forgotten:
A card! (by the way, isn't my purple wall so darn pretty?!) I made this card very simple. I didn't even give it a title. Like my LO upstairs. I haven't taken out my cricut. Since I hadn't organized that shelf yet. Next time I will. Oh. This is the "Offbeat" pack from Basic Grey.

Do you want to see my table? Yea you do...

Isn't she lovely? See those drawers? On the side where I'll be sitting I have my glue's on the bottom, my pens and markers in the middle and my scissors on the top. <3

Hm. I think I am done for today. Tomorrow I feel like being lazy again so most likely I'll take my table out again. Thank you for stopping by!

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