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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few more Layouts...

I am an evening worker, meaning that my shift ends at midnight. I pick my mom up every night, so I'm never home until 1 a.m. So who can sleep as soon as they get home? Most people relax, watch t.v., eat dinner. Well I eat dinner before hand, and I don't have a t.v. I get a lot of scrapbooking done at the wee hours, so here I am to share those.

This is my friend's daughter, who I am totally smitten with. This was the first day I met her, and that face makes me melt.

This is her lovely little face! she has these beautiful eyes that just shine when she smiles at you. Hence the journaling "The sparkle in her eyes can outshine the stars in the sky". That's why I cut out all the stars and used some blue glitter glue to outline the whole layout. All the blue was what I needed to make her eyes shine more.

This layout is about my wonderful hat. My mother made this hat, and I love it. It's blue, which is my favorite color. The paper I used was from a swap, so I'm not too sure who to thank for it, but "thanks!".

One of my favorite title products is chipboard. It's so versatile, and can easily be made to match everything. Here I used the negative of some letters I'd used before. I painted the chipboard with streaks to make it match the paper more. Then when it was dry, I used a paint brush to dip into glue and then glitter to paint it on. That stuff in the middle? Well I pooled in some glue and dropped in some clear 8.0 seed beads. I thought they would make a nice middle rather than paper in the background to make the negative stand out.

Here's another close up of the paint job on the chipboard. All you have to do is paint the background color and use a dry brush to paint the streaks on with another color. You should do it when the background paint is almost dry, that way the colors mix, rather than the top color just paint over it.

Well that's my work for now. And to celebrate, a picture of my new boots! yay!

Have a great day!

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  1. Cute boots. I'm loving the seed beads inside the letters.