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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A LO and a request...

In the world of scrapping, there are companies that make scrapping products. (duh, bear with my lame-o-ness). Then there are kit companies that put together those products so you get a taste of everything. A Million Memories is one of those kit companies. I would like you to cross your fingers for me, because I just submitted an application to be a part of their design team (scream!). If you take the time to see their kits, uuugh :sigh:. They put together yumminess after yumminess. I am so happy I will be having more than just one room for all my belongings so I can expand! Even if I don't get the position (although, you will be hoping like I am) I'm still getting those kits! But you should really look at their blog. They have some really gorgeous stuff going on there...

Now that my request is over, and my title followed backwards, I have a LO to share. I already posted a close-up of it a few posts ago, so you'll have an idea of what it is.

So this LO is foreign territory for me. Why? Well look at it! The design is so not me! (well, actually, now it might be me...) But I wanted to try something new, like always, and figured a different style might be it. I had purchased these papers, and they are more vintage-y, something I'm not used to.

Then I figured, what's more vintage-y than torn up paper and distressing? So I tore up the paper and disdtressed the edges. (See the bottom paper? I used a dry bursh with some white paint barely on there and brushed it across. I also did some white piant smudges on the cardstock, see the right corner and the left above the green swirl? But those white blotches all over the paper are actually product of my nail file going across the paper which happens to be white cored. I love my nail file for scrappyness). (That was pretty big to be put into parenthesis no? Did I spell that right Lisa?!)

What else did I do... Oh, yea. (Notice how no one really spells it "yeaH" anymore? Why is that?) This is where the Flower Fluffery came from. Again, it was all an attempt at using more embellishments on a page like some of the other divas of scrapbooking. I hope it was not a fail. (I forgot what the journaling says and I don't want to get off my bed to look for the LO. sorry)

Hmmm. Well the cardstock is DCWV, hence the white core. The patterned paper is from the Recollections collection at Michaels.(again, no compensation for dropping any names...)

Well... I'm tired. I hope that you have enjoyed this LO. If anyone has any inspirations, please feel free to share. Hopefully I can post once more before the New Year and my vacation (woohoo!)

greatfully yours,
(that one's for you Lisa)
(I need to make a real signature thingy)
(this has been a message from the Parenthesis Group.)
(No such group exists to my knowledge)
(o.k., now I'm just going for a laugh. any takers? no? eh, well I tried...)

(hm? wait, I thought I had a taker back there. No? :crickets: Oh well..... Off to bed....)

( )

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  1. Very nice.. I like your color scheme! I found your blog on scrapbook.com and I am now following it. I'm looking forward to seeing more!