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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland

In honor of this blizzard, I would like to share a LO commemorating a long ago blizzard. I say long ago, because I can't remember when this picture is from. Shame on me! I thought that was the whole point of scrappin'. Boo. On to the LO!

(you might be wondering why so large. even if you're not, I just wanted to make sure you saw the details)

I can't be credited with the original idea for this. Of course it comes from those lovely challenges on scrapbook.com. Boy did this challenge try my patience. But after I argued with myself for a little while, I decided to approach this LO like any other. Even if I used nothing more than white paper, I knew I had to make everything seem individual.

Do you see those embossed snowflakes? (due to it's whiteness, I couldn't manage a decent picture. I am sorry) Well they aren't really embossed. I had bought some snowflake chipboard that I had kept the negative. So I laid it down on the paper and smeared some white paint and liquid glue to fill in. I then sprinkled some diamond dust (irridescent) to make it shimmer. It looks so much better in real life.
(o.k. so I started feeling bad about not having a picture, I stopped and took one. I hope you like)
(it's very sparkly)

O.k. A few things. First the background paper I thought would stand out nicely if I distressed it a bit. Just some hand crumpling to create shadows. and of course some tearing. The chipboard letters were painted white. It took 3 coats. The last coat I mixed with some more liquid glue where I then proceeded to act like a glitter fairy. I made a pleated rose that you can find as my first post ever. I used a snowflake to stand in for leaves (bottom flower). The middle of the negative "H" was filled with some 8.0 seed beads. And to top it all off, some rhinestones on the "S". My great idea to write in white ink was the only failure. But we all learn. (it was supposed to say "all is quiet, all is bright" cute huh?)

There you have it. I think. If not, don't hesitate to ask.

Whited Out,
p.s. I would like to thank the 2 people that seem to know me so well. PDRNC for my wonderful Basic Grey stack that was on my wishlist ForEverS, and the woman that got me these:
(they are the buttons that stole Christmas).

-Bean <3


  1. White on white! Gorgeous!!! Love it! The beads in "h" look so cute, like tiny snowballs =)

  2. OOOO, I love this! So now I'm following you, I found you thru sb.com :-)

  3. aw thank you Paula, Martica & WhiteRacoon! You are awesome for stopping by!