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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Surprise Surprise

Here I am again! Are you surprised? I am!
I'm very excited because I don't have class tomorrow. Or next Tuesday. ahhh. I did a bit of more scrapping. It was so nice to sit there and scrap. Wait, did I scrap with the last LO? Hm. I don't remember. Oh well. But here it is!

This is my family. In order from the left, my eldest uncle Jose, my aunt Martha and my daddy! The only one that is missing is my uncle Manuel. Back track to family history. My grandmother was married to my grandfather and had 4 kids. My grandfather passed away when my dad was 2. So being the worried mother she was, she went ahead looking for a father for her children. Unfortunately my grandma didn't have any luck in love. But she did have 11 kids! (According to my maternal grandfather, people had a lot of children back then because there was no t.v. ha ha) So here they are at their younger brothers' wedding, an uncle of a different last name. So that is the story.
About the LO. These are some papers I think from Cosmo Cricket. Details: I wasn't sure what I was doing with embellishments. The buttons were originally just 5 buttons on the edge by the pictures on the left. Somehow buttons just started adding themselves to my page and floating around. Then I rememberd I had two flowers that mathced. Theeen I just haaad to cut a butterfly to mix in. It made me so happy. I then had more paper with clouds around and said "hey, give me everything tonight, give me everything tonight..." wait. No. It said "put me in the corner! But not like baby. Baby didn't like being in the corner." Just in case paper starts talking to you, seek help. I didn't. I'm used to it. And that is how this page was born. :cheesy smile:

close-up! so pretty. I wanna be a button...

And because I still have not forgotten (I wonder when I will. but my memory is pretty friggin awesome...)
I loOoOove this card! I don't know what made me make such an awesome card, but there it is! I cut out a cloud and made it 3D and stuck the butterfly on top. I can't say much more. Except I wish I always had this kind of inspiration when making cards. The next card I made did not work. That is why I will not show it to you.

close-up! I really have to work on my picture taking skills. argh

Well that is it. I hope you liked it.
Now for an announcement. I will no longer be making scrap pages...


That's kind of a lie. Well let me explain. I have a huge box of scraps. And I am so sick of them. I want to get rid of them. Or try to. Ever since I reorganized paper in individual, plastic 12x12, organizing folders, I decided to leave the scraps in there. That way I don't have a huge box full of scraps, which is where this predicament has left me. So I will be dedicating myself to cards. I say it likes I won't be making LO's, cus I will. But I want to try to make cards and hopefully get better at them. Please don't leave me!

O.k. I think that is all. Questions? Comments? Concerns? I don't know if you can actually comment. I don't know what is wrong with this thing. I've been trying to fix it, in case it's a mistake on my part. But if not, I will have to contact blogspot and ask "what up wid my comment section Bspot?"(wow. dirty) Tis all. Deuces Bspotters!

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